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Visa® Zero Liability

In plain English, it means you can shop for anything online or offline with Zero risk

What That Means for You

Use your Visa® credit or debit card to shop online, in a store, or anywhere you chose and you are protected from unauthorized use of your card or account information.

If someone steals your card number while you’re shopping you pay nothing for their fraudulent activity. If you notify fraudulent activity on your card, promptly contact the credit union to report it.

It is important to constantly monitor your account to identify any unauthorized transactions. At a minimum, we recommend you review your monthly statement. You can also review your account history though out the month with our Online Teller home banking app. You can even set it to send you alerts every time a transaction posts.

The Zero Liability policy covers all Visa credit and debit card transactions processed over the Visa network – either online or offline. The only transactions not covered under the Zero Liability policy are commercial card, ATM, and non-Visa brander PIN transactions.

Provisional Credit

If your account is compromised, Community Plus FCU and Visa are committed to setting things right without further aggravation or inconvenience to you. Visa's protection policy requires all financial institutions issuing Visa products to extend provisional credit for losses from unauthorized card use within 5 business days of notification of loss. Fraudulent or disputed charges must be reported to the credit union within 60 days from the date of the statement the charges appear on. If you do not complete the required forms or if the dispute is reported invalid, the provisional credit may be removed from your account