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Pay Your Loan

Choose a convenient way to make a payment.

With every payment to your loan, you are one step closer to completely owning your home, your vehicle, or to becoming debt free. It’s a monthly win that should make you feel proud. We don’t want to get in the way of that success, so we have a number of ways to help you make your loan payment. Choose whichever is easiest for you.

Making Your Payment

  • Set up an automatic payment. The easiest way to make your payments is to have them made automatically. Talk to a member of our team about setting up a regular transfer from your credit union account, from an account you have at another financial institution, or as part of your direct deposit.
  • Log in to online banking to make a transfer from your Community Plus savings or checking account to your loan. NEW! Use your debit or credit card from another bank or credit union to make your payment free of charge!
  • Stop by the branch with cash or a check. We always love seeing our members and are happy to make your payment in person. Bring your kids or canine friends for free suckers or treats!
  • Mail a check to our branch. Please allow enough time for delivery.
  • Give us a call and we can take your debit card or arrange a one-time transfer from another financial institution that posts immediately. There is a $10 charge for this service.
  • Use our online LoanPay to send a one-time payment using a debit card or a checking account at another financial institution.


Notice: LoanPay is no longer available! Instead you are able to log into our Online Teller app and transfer your funds for FREE! This new service is available now. If you need help logging in or using this new service contact the credit union.



Skipping a Payment

Everyone has months with extra expenses, making it harder to cover your regular payments. Whether you were surprised with a car repair bill or you chose to plan a vacation for your family, skipping your credit union loan payment can help give your budget a little breathing room.

Eligibility and Rules

  • Members can skip up to two payments per year
  • Payment skips must be 120 days apart
  • Each time you skip a payment there is a $30 administrative fee

Request a Skip-a-Pay

Want to skip an upcoming payment? Complete this form and we'll follow up with you to complete the process.
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